About Our Star Map

Classic Navy Star Map

Projectnightstars started with the idea of creating a personalized gift that will evoke the memories of a special day. And custom-made star map is our solution to that.


We believe that a thoughtful gift is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, we aim to provide a piece of decor that not only looks great but actually serves as a reminder of a special day. It could be your wedding day, your child’s birthday or even your brother’s graduation day. We hope to preserve those special moments in the form of a beautiful star map.


Conceived in Malaysia, we mainly serve our customers locally. There are undeniably many sites that offer similar products to ours but they are ridiculously priced, not to mention most are priced in foreign currency. A medium sized star map can easily set you back 60 Euros. Hence we started Projectnightstars to make this product and service more accessible to the local community.


We thank you for choosing us and we hope our star maps will bring joy to you and your loved ones. You can start personalizing your star map here.